The 7 1/2 Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle – Stuart Turton

36337550  5 Stars

This was absolutely crazy! Mindf*cking genius!

I will not try to retell the story. I don’t know if I really understood everything. I experienced a revelation a few minutes ago about one thing I was wondering about and it made me gasp in adoration about the cleverness of the story. This unusual book is a mix of a good old crime story à la Agatha Christie, time travel, Groundhog Day and something else which I have no word for. Neither in English nor in my mother tongue German.

Imaging yourself waking up every morning to the same day but inside a different person. You have to live through the same day again and again. You remember what happened the last time you relived it and what the person you were did. I began to ask myself very soon why this is happening and how this can be possible. To my great pleasure the riddle was solved at the end. And in a way I did not expect.

I will not even try to summarize the complex story. It is full of details and surprising moments. There were many situations in which I asked myself how this could work and how the main character Aidan had figured this all out. I was totally lost with the time table. I just trusted Aidan and the author of getting it all right. But at the end I –almost- understood everything and it left me back in awe of the talent of the author. What a great story and a great concept. What an amazing piece of work.

The book takes its time and it is a very long book. But it needs all this pages to unfold its story with every detail. You can be sure that your patience and confusion will be rewarded at the end. I was so pleased how everything turned out and was explained. This is the kind of story where a struggling ending could have ruined everything. But here happened quite the contrary. The end and the moment I really got the book finally made it for me all the better and it turned into a 5 star while I considered it temporarily as a 4 star.

This book may not be for everyone. It is beautifully written but also a bit slow and confusing. The story is so far away from everything I have read in the last years and that was so refreshing. It was worth my time and the little struggle with keeping up with all what’s happening. I really had to focus while reading. But it was fun and amazing. I really enjoyed it. If you are up to something unusual and want a challenge then this may be the right book for you.

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M. L. Rio – Das verborgene Spiel

34752890  4 Sterne

German book – German review



Als großer Fan von Donna Tarts „Die Geheime Geschichte“ musste ich dieses Buch natürlich lesen.


Eine Gruppe von 7 jungen Leuten ist auf einer Kunst-Universität im 4. und letzten Jahr. Ihre Schauspielabteilung ist auf Shakespeare spezialisiert. Es werden nur seine Stücke gespielt. Die Schüler leben und atmen Shakespeare. In jeder Unterhaltung fließen Zitate ein. Ganze Unterhaltungen können sie mit Zitaten aus seinen Stücken führen.


Das Buch beginnt damit, dass einer von ihnen, Oliver, aus dem Gefängnis entlassen wird. Er hat 10 Jahre gesessen für ein noch ungenanntes Verbrechen, das er vielleicht aber nicht begangen hat. Das jedenfalls glaubt der damals ermittelnde Polizist, der ihn immer noch besucht. Jetzt, wo Oliver endlich entlassen wird und er selber den Polizeidienst an den Nagel gehangen hat, will er endlich die Wahrheit wissen. Und Oliver ist endlich bereit, sie ihm zu erzählen.


Oliver ist also unser Erzähler. Aber er erzählt nicht alles, jedenfalls nicht sofort und nur nach seinem eigenen Tempo. Die 7 Schüler verkörpern das klassische Ensemble. Es gibt den Held, den Bösewicht, die Verführerin, die Naive, den Mitläufer. Wie in den Stücken von Shakespeare nimmt langsam ein Drama seinen Lauf. Plötzlich liegt jemand tot im See.


Das Buch ist clever konstruiert. Nicht nur nimmt Shakespeares Werk einen großen Platz ein. Auch sind einige Dialoge angelegt wie ein Theaterstück. Die Story selbst entwickelt sich nach einem klassischen Drama. Jemand kommt zu Tode. Die Schuld, die danach an allen frisst, führt zu weiteren Komplikationen und noch mehr Leid. Die Story hält die Balance zwischen einem shakespeareschen Drama und einem modernen Stück. Die Charaktere haben alle Tiefe. Sie konkurrieren miteinander um Rollen und um Aufmerksamkeit .Sie sind prätentiös und anstrengend und neigen zum Drama. Eine Reihe von Meinungsverschiedenheiten, Eifersüchteleien und Missverständnissen, oft von Alkohol angefeuert, führt nach und nach zu einer düsteren Entwicklung der Gruppe. Es ist eine düstere Geschichte um Freundschaft, Liebe und Eifersucht. In ihrer Schule führen sie ein Inseldasein und leben in ihrer eigenen Welt. Die Linie zwischen den Figuren, die sie auf der Bühne darstellen und ihrem realen Dasein verschwimmt und führt letztendlich zu diesem tragischen Tod.


Das Buch erinnert ein wenig an Donna Tarts Buch. Es hat aber nicht dessen Komplexität und vor allem nicht die stilistische Größe des Vorbildes. Es ist doch deutlich schlichter und einfacher angelegt als „Die Geheime Geschichte“. Trotzdem habe ich es sehr gerne gelesen. Ich mag einfach Bücher, die in diesen kleinen, elitären und exklusiven Unizirkeln spielen. Dazu gibt es hier noch jede Menge Shakespeare-Zitate und Anspielungen auf seine Stücke. Das hat mir sehr gefallen. Es ist ein leichteres Buch als das von Tart. Es liest sich locker weg und bietet kurzweilige Unterhaltung. Man sollte vielleicht Shakespeares Stücken nicht ganz abgeneigt sein, wenn man dieses Buch liest. Mir hat es gefallen.


Das Buch wurde mir vom Penguin Verlag zur Verfügung gestellt und ich möchte mich hiermit herzlich dafür bedanken.

The House – Simon Lelic

33794926  2 Stars

„The House“ was unfortunately a disappointing read. It is told at first in form of diaries or letters from Jack and Syd, a young couple who recently bought a house in London. I had high expectations for this book and was really looking forward reading it. But somehow I expected something else, a different story about a creepy house and maybe something with horror elements. But unfortunately none of this happened.

In the first half we read the letters or diaries Jack and Syd wrote to tell somebody what happened in the last weeks. This is not a new idea of telling a story but it is not working very well here. It is somehow a mess. It looks like they are writing to each other and read their chapters so they can respond to it. Probably the chapters were just put together so that we readers can follow it easier. But it felt strange. I did not like both of them. Jack is winy and needy and Syd is a hypocrite and very self-centered. The keep telling each other that they will be honest but they both lie to each other constantly.

The story was not bad although it has all the over-used themes a lot of thriller books have at the moment. And it was a bit of a mess. I liked it better when the letters stopped. There were the usual twists at the end which surprisingly worked well for me. But this book got me on the wrong foot. I just did not expect this kind of domestic drama and all this dysfunctional families. I expected a spooky house story. So it is probably just me that I never really warmed up to this book and its characters.

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Disappearance at Devil’s Rock – Paul Tremblay

27064358  2 Stars

Almost two years ago I read „A Head Full Of Ghosts“. The Story really disturbed me. It was a haunting read and the story stays with me until today. It is one of the rare books I still remember the whole story. I read so many books, I mostly forget details about the story, the ending or twists very soon. But not with AHFOG.  I liked it even better as time went by.


So my expectations for “Disappearing at Devil’s Rock” were very high. But unfortunately I could never really connect to the story. I was almost bored to death until 70% into it. There was no tension, no scary moments. The thing with the diary did not work for me at all. The last 30% were a little better. But here I also did not like how it was told. The alternate POVs from the boys were really confusing.


I am disappointed with myself that I did not like the book. Although there are a few things I will remember. There is something about the author and his ideas I like. But this time I did not like the story itself and how it was told. There is also a lot of lying going on. Everybody is lying all the time. Especially Kate, Tommy’s sister, has a serious problem with speaking the truth. She was just an awful kid.


Hopefully I will like Mr. Tremblay’s next book better.

One Of Us Is Lying – Karen McManus

41P+Ljo-zJL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_ 5 Stars


Wow, this was a surprise. I did not expect that I would enjoy this book so much.


I am not a fan of YA books. Usually I am not interested in kid’s problems and teenage stuff. When I found this book on NetGalley I was intrigued by the blurb and hit the Request button. I just did not think about the fact that students having detention means they would be quite young. Stupid me. But I am glad now that I requested it because I really enjoyed it. I was into the story from page one. The mystery about the sudden death of one of their friends is a classical whodunit. It is hard to guess what happened and the revelation at the end was a surprise for me.


It is really funny that I liked this book so much. It has a lot of high school stereotypes and the typical teenage love mess. But somehow it worked. I liked the characters and how they changed during the investigation. The story is only told through the 4 students who were in detention when Simon died. There is no insight into the police work. But the whole thing stays a mystery until the end. I could see some things coming but I did not guess the end. It is an easy read and a very likable book. I enjoyed reading it and because I am so surprised that I liked it so much I give it 5 stars.

I would llke to thank NetGalley and the publisher for giving me an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Matt Wesolowski – Six Stories

32188043  5 Stars


I really enjoyed this book. It is unique and it is like a transcript from a podcast.  There is an eerie and creepy atmosphere and a nice twist at the end. I liked the idea to make it as a podcast. I think you should dive in into this book without too much information.  Another author to watch out for.

Charlie Donlea – The Girl Who Was Taken

51hMmkODNsL._SY346_  5 Stars

Yay, finally I got my first 5 star review for 2017! I began to ask myself if I choose the wrong books or if I became over-critical. I read a lot of books which everybody was raving about and I felt like “meh, what’s that fuss about”. I really feared that I would not like this book as well. But it was quite the contrary. I really enjoyed this one.

The story is about two young girls who disappeared a year ago during a beach party. Megan was found two weeks later. She has almost no memory of the time she was held captive in a bunker because of heavy drugging. Nicole, the other girl, is still missing. Megan wrote a book and became a little bit of a celebrity. But nobody speaks about Nicole.

Nicole’s sister Livia is a forensic intern. She fears the day her sister may show up on her table. But instead the body of a young man comes onto her table. His case is a bit complicated. And it gets even more complicated when she learns that he knew her sister. Livia starts her own investigation and slowly she begins to unravel the mystery about the abductions.

I don’t want to say too much about the story. At first it was a bit slow but you can see how thoroughly the author builds his story and the characters. With every page it gets more fascinating and unputdownable. It is a dark and disturbing story. There are a lot of strong characters. The author does a terrific job developing the complex story and bringing in a lot of details and information. I liked the insight of the forensics; that was quite interesting. I also liked the ending, as sad and sudden as it is.

This was my second book from Charlie Donlea but certainly not my last one. I liked “Summit Lake” but I loved this one. It’s a terrific and mind-bending read and would highly recommend it

I’d like to thank Kensington Books and NetGalley for giving me an advanced ARC in exchange for an honest review