The Crying Boy – Jane E. James

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Almost all of the books I got from NetGalley are due not until next year. So I thought this would be a good time to read some books I bought myself. But apparently I am better at choosing books from NetGalley than find some of my own on amazon. This book is the third or even fourth in a row of books I bought which I really disliked.


The blurb sounds promising and I heard about the cursed paintings many years ago. And I am always looking for a good horror book (which is hard to find). I saw all the good reviews and I happily started reading. But this book took ages to get started. I almost gave up. But somebody wrote that the story gets better after 25% into it. I can confirm that. But it doesn’t get much better. I was so annoyed by the characters. Clifton is dumb and Avril is just horrible. She is so changeable in her feelings for her husband. One minute she despises him almost, the next minute it is quite the opposite. Each conversation between them changed everything. And I really could not understand Clifton’s urge to move on and his mixes feelings for his dead child. This whole situation was just chaotic. Maybe I would have be Ok with that if at least the story would have been good. It’s not the thing with the picture. It is more how it was developed. The story was very weird, but not in a good way. Everybody is a mess and changes their opinion all the time. The story is not gripping or even frightening. Just chaotic and nothing makes sense. And it is a loooong book. I don’t know why I did not stop reading. The end annoyed me even more when stupid and stubborn Avril makes the dumbest decision ever to go back to that house*eyeroll*.


This was just a waste of time.


Rattle – Fiona Cummins

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Did I read the wrong book? Where do all the good reviews come from? This book was just …bad. The story is ridiculous, absolutely unrealistic. The characters are poorly developed, the dialogs are so bad and the ending is just….I have no words. I also did not like the writing style. It was so pretentious in a very forced way.

I really disliked this book I can’t understand the good reviews. To me it was just awful and I certainly will never ever again read a book from this author or follow the bone collecter in a next book. There are too many other good books out there worth my time.

I read the german edtion „Der Knochensammler“

The Devil Crept In – Ania Ahlborn

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I struggled with this book almost immediately. I thought about stop reading for the first 20% . Now I wish I had stopped. But somehow I kept reading. Then Rosie appeared and at first I was interested in her story. But that did not last long.


I will not go into too many details although I would probably enjoy savaging this book. I just disliked everything about it. The story is absolutely nonsense. The ending is a joke. The writing is horrible. I was absolutely unnerved by Stevie and Jude. Every character acts just randomly. The author’s babblings about running through the woods was just exhausting. I skipped a lot of pages right from the start. She explains and explains and there were just too many words.


This was a chaotic book with are weird story, strange characters and it was poorly written. What a waste of precious reading time. I had two other books from Ahlborn on my wishlist, but I already removed them.