Michael J. Malone – A Suitable Lie

29501958  2,5 Stars

This is a story about abuse in a marriage. Very well it is shown how Andy is more and more broken by his unpredictable and violent wife Anna almost in his personality. He unites into a vortex of shame and concern for his children. More and more lies are needed to hide his domestic situation from others.

Nevertheless, I did not like the book. The problem is the charactere of Andy. As an early widowed single parent, he had neither the desire nor the time to go back to dating. But then he meets Anna. Everything seems perfect. But after the long time beeing single probably another body part than his brain has taken over the thinking. After 2 months of dating, he asks Anna to marry him. He introduces a little-known woman to his little son as a new mother. Anna is very pretty and cuddly and he prefers to overlook her sometimes strange behaviour. But Anna has a problem controlling her anger. That he, tall, sporty and broad-shouldered is scared of his wife has filled him with shame. And to save his sons a divorce, he takes the humiliation. From his family and friends he alienates himself

For me Andy just behaved stupidly. He considers himself a good guy but by his behavior he traumatizes his children. I also do not want to doubt that real victims of abuse do not behave the same way and find themselves trapped in a cycle of violence and protestations. But as a reader Andy annoyed me incredibly. He makes so many incredibly stupid decisions and acts against better knowledge.

There are a few side-scenes on Andy’s work and a colleague that I found to be completely unnecessary and dragged the book out. Also, the author is too moralizing, for example, if he points out the situation of a homosexual friend. That prejudice is evil are understood then even the by the most stupid reader.

The end is just ridiculous and I just flipped throug the last pages. I could not stand the testosterone dropping from the pages. Until then i would have given 3 stars but I cut it down to 2,5