Sarah Stovell – Exquisite

34735173  4 Stars

Gloomy drama about two women who are obsessed by each other. The story is portrayed from the point of view of both women. There are also slots from someone in prison. We do not know for a long time which one of them is. The author knows how to keep the story open. I especially liked the writing style. The language is very nice. An unusual and disturbing book



There will be no reviews from me for the next three weeks. I am going on vacation on wednesday and I will only read books which I bought myself and don’t „have“ to review. With a wobbly wifi signal and only my mobile phone taking with me I will not bother with reviews 🙂

Anse Source d'Argent - beach on island in Seychelles

Force of Nature – Jane Harper

34275222  4,5 Stars

I wasn’t as enchanted as many other readers by Jane Harper’s „The Dry“. It was just a nice but average suspense novel for me and I still don’t get all the excitement about it. But I enjoyed it enough to give the author another try. The blurb of “Force of Nature” sounded just like my kind of thing.

Last time we met Aaron Falk it was in a claustrophobic small town in the middle of nowhere in Australia while the land suffers heat and dryness. This time we are out in the open and it is cold and raining all the time. I was hooked almost immediately. There is a dark atmosphere surrounding this hike and the five women. You don’t know what happened to Alice. Did she just wander off on her own or happened something during their hike? Or is there a killer on the loose?

I enjoyed the different point of views and the two timelines. I found the past timeline where we see how this hike went so terribly wrong a bit more gripping. I am still not so much into Aaron Falk. His struggle with his relationship with his father felt very realistic. But I am happy that this book was not so much about him. I am not a huge fan of recurring characters and their personal development during several books. Usually I get bored with them or they start to annoy me. That’s the reason I avoid series. I am a junkie for good stories and that’s exactly what I got here.

I enjoyed this book very much. It is gripping and there are a lot of red herrings. Jane Harper has a very special prose and I am looking forward to read more from her.

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

#Blogtour: Friends And Other Liars – Kaela Coble


About the Author: Kaela Coble lives in Burlington, Vermont, and is a member of the League of Vermont Writers and a graduate of the WoMentoring Project. This is her first novel.

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To all my old friends:
So here you all are. Nice to see you can show up for a person once he’s dead.

When Ruby St. James returns to her hometown, it is to the grave of her old friend Danny, a member of a group that was, ten years ago, Ruby’s whole world. The crew made a pact back then: stay together, stay loyal, and stay honest. But that was before all of the lies.

Because even friends keep secrets. They just don’t stay secret for long.

Now Danny has left behind a letter for each of them, issuing one final ultimatum: share your darkest betrayal to the group, or risk it coming out in a trap he has created. When past mistakes resurface, the lines of friendship blurb, and four old friends are left trying to understand what it means to lie to the ones you love best.

Ruby grew up in a small town. She moved away 10 years ago right after High School and never returned. Now she has to come back for a funeral because one of her old friends committed suicide. Coming home brings back bad memories. She used to be very close to her childhood friends. They promised themselves to look out for and be absolutely honest to each other. But everybody keeps a secret. Somehow Danny knew these secrets and after his death he leaves some letters for his friends. He wants them to reveal their secrets to each other or otherwise somebody else will expose them.


It took a while to get into the book. At first it is confusing with all the characters and their connections. The book is told from multiple POV and time, past and present. I must admit that I was not able to connect to any of the characters.  They seem so unlikely friends. They all came from more or less dysfunctional families and that tied them together. But I thought that they were all very different I was wondering if the really still liked each other or just thought they have to stick together because of their history. They kept secrets about the most important things in their life and did not share them with one another. So I get a weird feeling about their so proclaimed friendship.


The book did not quite grip me as I hoped it would. For a long time it’s all about the complicated relationship between Ruby and Murphy and their on/off love affair. Both are back and forth all the time about themselves and most of the time they talk past one another. This part of the story was dragged too much for my taste. I don’t like love stories. And this book felt too much like one. But nevertheless it kept my interest all the time.


This is not a bad book, it is an easy and interesting read. I don’t mind when I don’t like the characters. I still can enjoy the story. And I did most of the time. I liked the ending, though. It is not a very twisted story but somehow honest and true to life. Just a little bit too much lover’s struggle for my taste.

The 7 1/2 Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle – Stuart Turton

36337550  5 Stars

This was absolutely crazy! Mindf*cking genius!

I will not try to retell the story. I don’t know if I really understood everything. I experienced a revelation a few minutes ago about one thing I was wondering about and it made me gasp in adoration about the cleverness of the story. This unusual book is a mix of a good old crime story à la Agatha Christie, time travel, Groundhog Day and something else which I have no word for. Neither in English nor in my mother tongue German.

Imaging yourself waking up every morning to the same day but inside a different person. You have to live through the same day again and again. You remember what happened the last time you relived it and what the person you were did. I began to ask myself very soon why this is happening and how this can be possible. To my great pleasure the riddle was solved at the end. And in a way I did not expect.

I will not even try to summarize the complex story. It is full of details and surprising moments. There were many situations in which I asked myself how this could work and how the main character Aidan had figured this all out. I was totally lost with the time table. I just trusted Aidan and the author of getting it all right. But at the end I –almost- understood everything and it left me back in awe of the talent of the author. What a great story and a great concept. What an amazing piece of work.

The book takes its time and it is a very long book. But it needs all this pages to unfold its story with every detail. You can be sure that your patience and confusion will be rewarded at the end. I was so pleased how everything turned out and was explained. This is the kind of story where a struggling ending could have ruined everything. But here happened quite the contrary. The end and the moment I really got the book finally made it for me all the better and it turned into a 5 star while I considered it temporarily as a 4 star.

This book may not be for everyone. It is beautifully written but also a bit slow and confusing. The story is so far away from everything I have read in the last years and that was so refreshing. It was worth my time and the little struggle with keeping up with all what’s happening. I really had to focus while reading. But it was fun and amazing. I really enjoyed it. If you are up to something unusual and want a challenge then this may be the right book for you.

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

The Wife Between Us – Greer Hendricks

34189556  4 Stars

This was one of my most anticipated books from last year. I received it from NetGalley months ago but I wanted to read it closer to its publishing date and because I had so much other books to read. I’ve read so many raving reviews about it and its twists. So my expectations were high and that is not always a good thing.


Sometimes it is good to read reviews and know what you are expecting and sometimes you better avoid knowing too much about a book. Both apply to this book. I was glad that I read so many reviews which praised it twistiness because for the first 40% into it I was a bit disappointed. The pace was extremely slow and it felt like a mediocre psychological thriller. I must admit that I guessed the first twist. I can’t say why because that would be a spoiler. After that the story moved on faster and finally it griped me.


So, if I had not read all the frantic reviews, I maybe would have stopped reading. That was the good thing about knowing something about the book: that there was something going to happen. The other good thing is that I did not know much about the story itself and I will not tell anything about it neither. So I kept reading. I desperately wanted to know what the fuss was all about.


After finishing the book I understand why the first part was so slow. Everything was built up and we get to know the characters and what is going on, at least you think you know what’s going on.  You think you know the story already: wife, cheating husband, mistress and drama. So the twist will come like a blow into your face. It is kind of a cheap trick how the author built this first part of the book. But it worked. So if you don’t see what the author has in stock for you it is a major surprise. And there are more surprises on the way.


What you get here is a well-crafted and twisted domestic drama. My only problems with it were that it started very slow and a bit dragging. I could also not connect to the female main character. I just think she was stupid. All the time until the end even all she went through. But as I said, after struggling my way through half of it I suddenly found it extremely gripping and could not stop reading.

Although I guessed the major twist and being only mildly surprised about the other turns I can say I enjoyed it. It held my attention not right from the beginning but it got better. The story was not as shocking or inventive as I expected but it was a fun read. I would recommend it to anybody who loves a twisted psychological thriller.

The Ascent – Der Aufstieg – Ronald Malfi

34388332  4 Sterne

Ich bin ein großer Fan von Büchern, die sich mit Bergsteigen beschäftigen. Ganz besonders, wenn es um die Gegend rund um den Mt. Everest geht. Dieses Buch passte somit genau in mein Beuteschema.

Zuerst geht es ganz geruhsam zu. Wir lernen Tim kennen. Er ist – oder war – Bildhauer. Seine Frau hat ihn vor einiger Zeit verlassen, weil er seiner Arbeit immer den Vorzug gab. Kurz nach ihrer Trennung kam Hannah mit ihrem neuen Partner bei einem Unfall ums Leben. Die Trennung und besonders Hannahs Tod haben Tim völlig aus der Bahn geworfen. Er verliert sich in Extremsportarten und trinkt exzessiv. Bei einer leichtsinnigen Höhlenkletterei kommt er beinahe ums Leben. Als er so in dieser Höhle lag und dachte, er müsste sterben, glaubte er, Hannahs Geist zu sehen. Sie gab ihm Kraft in dieser Situation und half ihm, zu überleben. Zumindest glaubte er das in dem Moment. Während er seine Verletzung auskuriert und säuft, glaubt er immer wieder Hannahs Geist aus den Augenwinkeln zu sehen. Tim fürchtet, dass er seinen Verstand verliert. Da kommt ihm das Angebot eines alten Freundes von Hannah gerade recht. Andrew stellt gerade eine kleine Truppe Kletterer zusammen, mit denen er das geheimnisvolle Tal der Seelen in Nepal aufsuchen will, das noch keiner außer den Einheimischen betreten haben soll.

Die Stimmung des Buches ist von vorne herein sehr düster. Tim suhlt sich in Selbstmitleid und Alkohol. Nach und nach in Rückblenden erfahren wir, wie er Hannah kennenlernte und wie sie sich auseinanderlebten. Die Hauptstory ist aber der Trip zum sagenumwobenen Tal der Seelen. Die Tour steht unter keinem guten Stern. Die Truppe besteht aus lauter Alphamännchen und muss sich erst zusammenraufen. Schon bald stoßen sie auf Schwierigkeiten, der Aufstieg ist gefährlich und dann gibt es den ersten Toten.

Das Buch wird vom Verlag als Thriller beworben. Das war mir vor dem Lesen gar nicht bewusst. Für mich war es über weite Teile aber eher eine Abenteuergeschichte mit düsterem Hintergrund und leicht paranormalen Anklängen, die aber auch dem Zustand der Hauptfigur zugeschrieben werden können. Die Thrillerelemente kommen erst zum Schluss zum Vorschein. Da wird es dann sogar sehr spannend. Da ich zu Beginn nicht wusste, dass es ein Thriller sein sollte, habe ich auch nichts vermisst. Für mich war es aber auch so sehr spannend. Mir hat der Schreibstil sehr gut gefallen. Das Buch liest sich flüssig und die Seiten flogen nur so dahin. Ich bin, wie ich schon sagte, ein williges Opfer für derartige Storys um masochistische Bergsteiger. Der leicht mystisch-mysteriöse Touch hat mir auch sehr gut gefallen. Er ist gut eingebettet in die Story.

Dem Autor ist ein homogener Mix aus Mystery, Thriller und psychologischer Horrorstory gelungen. Für mich war „Der Aufstieg“ kurzweilige und spannende Unterhaltung.

Ich habe das Buch von und dem Luzifer-Verlag zur Verfügung gestellt bekommen. Dafür möchte ich mich ganz herzlich bedanken.