The Undiscovered Deaths of Grace McGill

Bewertung: 4 von 5.

Grace McGill is a cleaner. A special kind of cleaner. She cleans the houses of people who died alone and lied undiscovered for weeks or even months. One day she discovers something, a clue to a mystery she begins to unravel. More than fifty years ago a young girl disappeared and it seems that at least two of her latest dead people were involved in it.

Grace has one of the unusual jobs I ever encountered. I was aware that there are people who clean crime scenes or houses where somebody died. I think it is an under-appreciated job and kudos to the people who do it for a living. It was quite interesting to read about it and I liked that the author choose this unusual profession.

I must admit that I was underwhelmed from the plot right from the beginning. I was irritated by Grace. I just did not understand why she became out of the blue so obsessed with the old case and how she came to the conclusion that her dead people were involved in it. The clue she found, a dried daisy, seemed so odd and I could not comprehend how she knew that this was strange. In hindsight I understand. But for more than half of the book I was wondering what was going on and what was Grace getting at. The book is more on the slower side and the confusing story was not captivating me. There was also something about the writing. I had problems to concentrate on it and I noticed that my thoughts kept straying away. But then, about 60% into the book there was the big twist. I did not see that coming and this changed everything about the story and Grace. Until then I would have given the book maybe a generous 3 Star rating. But after finishing it I will give it a solid 4 Star. It is an unusual story with an unusual main character (although I did not like her and was annoyed by her) and a surprising twist. The story still does not make much sense and I still have some questions but I always appreciate unusualness.

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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