Halcyon – Rio Youers

36343736  2 Stars

The blurb sounds exactly like a book for me. A creepy cult on a lonely island. A family decides to find their peace in this retreat after a tragic event, but soon realizes there is something unsettling behind it. That sounds promising. Unfortunately, the blurb does not mention that this story only begins after about half of the book. Before that there are two narrative levels around Valerie, the cult founder, and the family of Martin and how it came to the tragic event.


Valerie’s story has bored me right from the start. Unfortunately I could not connect to the family storyline either. This slightly supernatural element did not work for me despite the fact that I usually like this kind of stuff.


Reading this book felt like forever because it just did not grip me. In fact, I needed exactly one week to read it, and that’s really a long time for me. The internet is full of enthusiastic reviews, so I can barely understand why this book bored me so much. I still thought about stop at 70% into it. But then I decided I wanted to know how it ends.


For some reason, this book was not the right one for me. I could not connect with the story and this thing with Glam Moon and the supernatural aspect did not work for me unfortunately. I just did not get it.


I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review


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