The Liar’s Girl – Catherine Ryan Howard

35687820  2,5 Stars

„The Liar’s Girl“ is definitely a slow burner. I had some problems to find my way into the story and unfortunately I never connected with the main character, Alison. I found her extremely immature and stupid. As a girl she was naive but as an adult she is very stubborn and never moved on with her life. As her mother tells her later in the book she somehow never got beyond the 19year old version of herself.

The book itself is a solid and not very twisted psychological thriller. The story headed in a different direction as I expected and I was pleased with that.Unfortunately I cannot add more on the plus site. I must admit that I expected the final “twist”. It was quite obvious. I am not sure if I am just that good or the plot was just not constructed properly and clever enough. I am afraid it is the second.

I really loved the author’s first novel “Distress Signals” so I was really looking forward to “The Liar’s Girl”. But it did not meet my expectations. The pace was very much on the slow side and I constantly rolled my eyes because of Alison. There are a few things I don’t think fit very well together. Also the way the Irish police works seemed to me quite strange. Alison solves the case by herself easily because she has access to all the files and Malone takes her with him to investigate witnesses. Seriously?? There are also some things regarding Liz or Alison’s parents that are not really deepened. Towards the end I got annoyed by Ali’s constantly self-talking. The story is a bit of a mess. Overall I must say I am a bit disappointed. But I am glad I had to change to read this book and would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a free copy.


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