Mark Wesolowski – Hydra

35960886  3 Stars

I am a bit torn with this book.

I just start with what I liked:
This book is creepy as hell. I liked the dark atmosphere and all that stuff about ghost rituals. I also enjoyed again the structure of the book. It is told like a podcast which was already the case in his first book.

What I did not like:
As much as I think this kind of written podcast is a nice idea but for me this time it did not work. I did not get the point of the story. Listening to a podcast while I was on holiday I found this written one comparing to the real one quite boring. The people Scott King interviews are chatty until they should get to the point about Arla. Then they stop talking. It gets only interesting when they talk about this dark online stuff. But to my great disappointment this stories felt just like filling material, to make the story more interesting as it is. It all stayed at the surface. Ghost rituals are mentioned but I never got anywhere.

Maybe my expectations were too high but I never really got into the story. For me it wasn’t a rounded story. We never got to the point who Arla was and why she did what she did. Well, I think we actually do know but Scott King makes a fuss about it and wants it to be more. The story also dragged a bit. There were parts when it was really gripping but most of the time the author took the tension out of the story. The story just went on in circles.
Maybe I missed something because I am clearly in the minority here. I liked the dark things that were mentioned and what it can do to people. But they did not really fit smoothly into the story. They felt forced for me and sometimes just like a list of urban legends and not very well woven into the story.


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