Anatomy Of A Scandal – Sarah Vaughan

34466492  4 Stars

„Anatomy of a Scandal“ is not a fast paced thriller or even a psychological thriller. It is a slowly developing courtroom drama and the trauma of being a victim of rape. It is told from multiple points of views and has two timelines but it is not confusing and you can easily follow the storyline.

The main characters are obviously Kate and Sophie but it is all about James. Charming James, heading into a political career and calling the English Prime Minister his best friend. He was born privileged and he grew up expecting to get what he wanted because he thinks it is simply his natural right.

There are many chapters in which we see Sophie coming to terms with the fact that her beloved and adored husband had an affair. Now the ex-lover claims that he raped her the last time they encountered. Is she just seeking revenge or is it true? Sophie wants to stay by her husband because that is what is expected but she begins to question his actions and his morality. These chapters are very intimate and we get a really close look into this marriage. Sophie lived in a bubble of wealth and social formalities and suddenly her world falls apart. Sometimes I felt a little bit uncomfortable reading it because it is so intimate and shockingly true.

I found this book to be very unique. It is told somehow aloof but at the same time it takes a very close look at the most intimate things. The writing is sometimes a bit repetitive and quite slow. But I found the story very intriguing and I was hooked.

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review


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