Dead Woman Walking – Sharon Bolton

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I think there is something terrible wrong with me because I disliked a book written by Sharon Bolton. She is one of my favorite authors for many years now. I loved all her books, especially the stand-alones. But this time I could not connect to the story. When I read the blurb for the first time I thought that I probably would not go for it if it would not have been written by Sharon Bolton. I just trusted her ability to amaze me. But this time it did not happen.


The blurb says that there is a murder happening and it is watched by people passing by in a hot-air balloon. I thought that it was a weird idea. And it really did not work for me. It was over the top. A good mystery story keeps you guessing. And I was guessing all the time but it was a frustrating guessing because we really get almost no information what is going on and what the thing is with the main character. I struggled through half of the book and I was seriously considering to put it aside. I just could not get into the story and I absolutely could not understand any of the characters. However, I finished it and now I know why I did not understand what was going on. But that is exactly the problem.  Bolton kept me too long in the dark. The whole story felt forced. I lost track and interest. Even the twists felt forced.


I am disappointed. I loved her last books “Daisy in Chains” and “Little Black Lies” immensely so I know she can do better. She can be so much better in telling a story, and making me care for the characters. The topic itself was also not my cup of tea (okay, that’s my problem) and it felt more like a story for Lacey Flint (whom I am  not so fond of but I always liked the stories) than a stand-alone.


I am very curious about her next book. But maybe I should trust the feeling in my guts when it tells me a book may not be the right one for me. Even it is written by one of my favorite authors.



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