Artemis – Andy Weir

35097384  4 Stars

This book is hard to review for me. Like many other readers I loved “The Martian”. It was fun to read. It had a likable main character and an interesting and gripping story. For me it was something new.


For an author, it is always difficult to reach or even top such a huge success. I was really looking forward to read “Artemis”. Weir sticks to his writing style but he also managed not just to rewrite “The Martian”. He came up with a new and different story. It is almost a thriller. But it is not as gripping as it should be.


What I liked about the book:

Artemis. The first city on the moon. It was very interesting to read about how it would be to live on the moon. Less gravity, a different currency, a cruel surrounding. Andy Weir did a fantastic job by creating this city. It all came to life and I enjoyed every fact about it. Artemis is the main reason I give 5 stars.

The author also managed to write again a innovative story. He did not make the mistake by writing something similar like “The Martian” although many stylistic elements reminded me of it.

I also like his writing style. I like his humor.


What I did not like:

In “The Martian” the main character was funny and witty. Maybe a little bit over the top but I liked him. Jazz is somehow a twin sister of Mark Watney. But she is more annoying and seems often very immature.


As I said before, I am very happy that this story is different than Weir’s first book. It is almost a thriller and it developed in a different direction than I expected. But all that science talk slows it down. Much of it I found very interesting. But sometimes it is a bit much and I could have definitely done without so much information about welding.


For me the great thing about this book is the city of Artemis. Everything about it was just amazing. The book has definitely some issues when it comes to its characters and keeping the balance between science and story development. If you read both books you can see Weir’s writing style and how he puts his story together. The conversations are often a bit comic-like and he tends to explains too much. I still liked it here, but I think it can get a little bit boring when he continues to write in that way.


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