The Lying Game – Ruth Ware

32054096  2 Stars

I think it is high time for me to admit that Ruth Ware will never be one of my favorite authors. This is the third book I’ve read from her. I found “In A Dark Dark Wood” and “The Woman In Cabin 10” okay-reads. But I liked “The Lying Game” even less.

The story sounds interesting, though. Four girls met at a boarding school and become friends. They are not very nice girls. They are mean and selfish and they have a game that they like to play. They tell people lies and see if they believe them. They just tell stupid stuff like f. e. that Isa is a distant relative of Oscar Wilde because she has the same surname. But this game is not really relevant for the main story. As adults they lie because they have to hide something they did. It just shows that lying is a huge part of their lives.

The book is really a slow burner. I never felt any tension nor was I hooked. Isa got a text message that Kate needs her. She storms immediately out of her house, packing a few things for her and her six months old daughter and makes the uncomfortable train ride to Salten. But on arrival Kate tells her she will tell her what’s going on when the other women are present. I felt like forever until they finally find their way to Kate’s house. But still they don’t talk properly why they left their jobs and families for Kate. This felt all so unnatural and strange. There is a similar situation later in the book. Isa gets a call from Kate that she has to talk to her immediately (and of course not on the phone) because the police will interview her. Isa rushes again with her baby daughter to Kate, leaving her husband behind which whom she just had a serious argument. But on arrival at Salten Kate just thinks it is too late in the evening to talk. So they go to bed. They talk briefly in the morning and argue but then they stop talking for days while Isa just stays at Kate’s home doing nothing except breastfeeding her daughter. And an interview with the police never happened. This felt all so strange and weird. Unfortunately there are a lot of those unlogic scenes.

The book did not work for me. I also did not like the characters. Isa has a serious problem with stopping breastfeeding her daughter. There are so many scenes where she is feeding her. It was really boring and not really important for the story. The book also reminded me of “In A Dark Dark Wood” but this time the story development is much worse and the end is not really a surprise. I am afraid I just don’t like the author’s style and her simple way of telling her stories. I think this was my last book from Ruth Ware.

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review


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