Megan Miranda – All The Missing Girls

All the Missing GirlsAll the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is told in a very unusual way. The story is told backwards. This requires getting used to. And it is confusing. The characters do and know things which we don’t know why and how because we will learn about it in the next chapter because this chapter will be the day before. There are things which already happened but we don’t know about them and so we don’t understand sometimes why they act like they do.

I needed some time to get used to that. And I also did not get this concept at first. I kept asking myself why the author chooses to write this book like that. But the further I read I started to see how clever this was. Actually, I thought I should start reading this book again after finishing it to appreciate it even more. Afterwards you begin to understand why some characters lied and why they did what they did. It is really very clever but as well confusing. You have to read this book with your mind really on it and when you have time to finish it in few sittings. Unfortunately I read in during my holidays and I had not much time to read. So I have the feeling I maybe missed something or could not put it all together properly because I was not really concentrated on it. But nevertheless I can say this is a very unusual book. Not because of its story but because of how it is done. Just read it when you have enough time on your hand for it. It is worth it.

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