Jenny Blackhurst – Before I Let You In

Before I Let You InBefore I Let You In by Jenny Blackhurst
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There are tons of books with twists and turns at the moment. Not all of them are good and not all twists are really that surprising. This book has a lot of them and there is one surprise followed by the next. That’s the reason I can’t say too much about the story.

Karen is a psychiatrist. One day a young woman comes to her as a patient. She tells Karen things which are somehow connected to Karen’s personal life. Karen soon is convinced that this young woman is a thread to her and her friends. Karen has two close friends, Bea and Eleanor, and she was always the one who took care of them. And that is what she wants to do know, to keep her friends save from this strange young woman.

Karen, Bea and Eleanor are close friends for many years. Karen is the one who takes care of them, fixes problems. That’s her job in this friendship. When this young woman shows up and seems to know certain things, all Karen wants is to keep her friends save. But this starts a series of events which lead only downwards. It is about things you do although you know they are wrong, unethical and even embarrassing. Things you do but you don’t want anybody you know you did them and you even don’t want to admit to yourself.

This book really was full of surprises. I figured some things out but not everything. This is a twisted and disturbing read and I enjoyed it very much.

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