Erica Ferencik – The River At Night

The River at NightThe River at Night by Erica Ferencik
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I am bit torn because I expected something else. This was just at most an average read for me. It started well but the story developed into a strange thing I could not connect with.

Wini, Pia, Sandra and Rachel are friends for many years. They are very different, live different lives. They don’t see each other that often but once a year they are spending a couple of days together on a holiday. This year it is a trip to the wilderness of Maine. Pia met a young guide online and he convinced her to come to this unknown river and do some rafting. So Pia drags her friend to the wilderness, far away from everything. But this uncommon situation brings their relationships to the edge. Then there is an accident and suddenly they have to fight to stay alive.

The first half is quite gripping. The pace is slow and we have time to get to know the women. But after the accident I expected something else. I was misled by the blurb. But I like to be surprised. Unfortunately the surprise was quite bad.

(view spoiler).

This book was a huge disappointment for me. I really had high expectations because of all the good reviews. It is one in a line of quite a few books now who managed to disappoint me. Do I get to critical? I really have to reconsider my reading choices because this is getting frustrating.

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