First One Missing – Tammy Cohen

First One MissingFirst One Missing by Tammy Cohen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I really should stop reading books about murdered children. It really starts getting me down. Especially when all this grieve is so intensely described like in this book. I am a mother myself and although my girls are grown up now I still have this fear inside me that something could happen to them. I don’t think I like to read about this stuff anymore. At least for a while.

This book is very intense which the description of the grieving parents. This really got me and it made me feel quite uncomfortable. But it also shows the quality of the writing. But unfortunately it did not get me as a thriller. The pace is quite slow. A long time there is no clue who is responsible for the killings. We met the parents. They all have their problems with dealing with this unimaginable loss. All characters are very individual and have their flaws which make them very realistic. As I said the writing is very good, very intense. The story moved me in all the right ways but I did not like reading it. And as a thriller it was not gripping enough. I really enjoyed “When she was bad” and I will look out for Cohen’s next book. But somehow this book with its mixture of a deeply emotionally ride and a thriller did not fit together for me. I would give 5 stars for the characters and the way the author describes the personal things. But the slow pace and the unconvincing thriller elements lowers it down to only 3 stars.

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