Final Girls – Riley Sager

Final GirlsFinal Girls by Riley Sager

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3,5 Stars

This book has everything a good thriller needs. There is a gruesome murder story, unreliable characters and a good plot. But somehow it did not get me. It started so well but it started bugging me.

Quincy is a Final Girl. This is a horror-movie-term. The Final Girl is the girl who is still alive after a massacre and maybe she even killed the killer. 10 years ago Quincy survived the attack of a disturbed young man. He killed her five friends while they spent a weekend in a cabin in the woods. Unfortunately she can’t remember what happened during this dreadful hour. She just knows that she survived by running through the woods where a police officer found her. She is fine now, has a nice boyfriend and runs a successful baking blog. Beside her, there are other Final Girls and one knocks on her door one day. Samantha, who hid for several years because of the press, wants to know if she is all right. Quincy, who feels guilty because of Lisa, invites Sam to stay with her and her boyfriend for a couple of days. But Sam is up to something. She eagerly wants Quincy to remember what happened that night in the cabin.

This book is perfectly all right. It starts very intriguing, and Sam and Quincy a very interesting characters. So it seems. But after a while the story is treading water. The tension stops, there is a lot about the press which is eager to get hold of the girls to get a story. Sam misleads Quincy to do some weird things which made me curious but even more it unnerved me. There are some false leads and you can keep guessing what happened that night in the cabin and who was responsible. But somehow it was not gripping. The twist felt forced. They don’t come subtle, they are really forced into the story. Quincy really annoyed me. She is a character who had a horrible experience but I just could not feel connected to her. She just annoyed me. She does stupid and disturbing stuff. I found it hard to understand that almost everybody in the book was so amazed by her and thought she was strong and just wonderful. I disliked her so much. As a reader I would like to at least understand a little bit why she is obviously so amazing to everybody. But somehow the author failed to show this to me.

I can imagine that this book could be a huge success and a lot of readers like it and write enthusiastic reviews about it. For me it somehow failed to work.

I received an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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