13 Minutes – Sarah Pinborough

13 Minutes13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book has one problem. It is too long. It last almost half the book until the story behind Natasha’s “accident” unfolds. Although the story is cleverly made. There are several POV, including a diary. But there is so much fuss about all those teenager stuff. Becca is absolutely self-involved and she is an absolute cliché. The outcast who nobody likes and everybody bullies. Natasha and her two sidekicks Jenny and Hayley are the typically beautiful girls who everybody loves and the boys droll about. I don’t read YA books very often because I usually get easily bored by all those dramas and bullying. And this happened here. Just when I thought this book will never get to its point, suddenly everything is sorted out. And there are no surprises. But I only read 70% of the story. But if you read carefully you know what is coming. The story is examined all over again from a different angel. But this is also quite predictable.

Altogether the book is not bad. It is written very nicely and not boring. The story itself is not bad, it is just too much narrative. Too much thinking from Becca, rethinking all over again, drama and Teenager stuff. And it all reminded me of Gone Girl. This is actually the first book I really think this is a bit like Gone Girl. And it even was not advertised so! It is a kind of Gone Girl in High School. That I don’t like YA books is not the fault of the author. But I will give her another change with another book, one for adults.

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