Stranded – Bracken MacLeod

Stranded: A NovelStranded: A Novel by Bracken MacLeod
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After a horrible storm the „Artic Promise“ finds herself icebound and surrounded by thick fog. All instruments stopped working. So the crew does not know where there are and they can’t call for help because the telephone and radio communication also died. At the same time one after the other fell ill. All except Noah. He is kind of an outcast. Nobody really likes him and the captain, who is also his ex-father in law, hates him fiercely.

In the first half the book is quite slow-paced. The author took his time to develop the characters. He also does a fine job to make up this whole setting, the desolate surrounding, the cold, the helplessness. The atmosphere is very dark, very mysterious. The illness makes the men weak, they got terrible headaches and they start to see things, like shadows rushing past them. Nothing really makes sense to them. It gets quite claustrophobic.

This book is a horror-fantasy-mystery-thriller. After the slow first half the rest turned almost into an action thriller. There are some frightening and mind-blowing things. But unfortunately not all questions got an answer. Why this all happened, how it could happened what that all was about stays in the dark. The end comes quick and as I said, without fulfilling answers. But I liked reading this book. I love books with cold weather settings like the Artic or Antarctica or mountain climbing. I would never set food into such areas but I love reading about it. I also liked the writing. It just lacked a little bit of pace at the beginning and I would have loved maybe just a tiny bit of explanation. So it is “only“ a solid 4 stars book for me.

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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