Emma Kavanagh – Falling


Falling - Emma Kavanagh

This book reminded me a lot of „After the Fall“ from Noah Hawley. A similar story just without the politics and the social aspect. Here it is all about the characters and their feelings. But I liked Hawleys book better.

This was my first book from Mrs Kavanagh. I had a few of her books on my wishlist, but now I deleted them all. I just did not come around with her writing style. I needed some time to find into the story, to really get it. It was so much in the dark at the beginning and it unraveled to slow. I did not understand Cecelia. At the end maybe I did but it was too late for me. And has nobody ever heard of depressions? That you can do something about it?? Not her husband, not her family or friends? I am sorry to say that I did not enjoy reading this book. I found it boring most of the time. Nothing really happens and a lot of interesting characters just stayed in the dark.

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