All Fall Down – Tom Bale


All Fall Down - Tom Bale

I don’t know why this book did not really work for me. The blurb sounded good. A family BBQ is disturbed by a dying men with horrible wounds who somehow found his way into their garden. From this moment everything changes for Rob, Wendy and their children. More and more we get to know these people. Everybody has secrets, especially Rob. He and Wendy are about to split. But also their children have their own secrets. After the traumatic event with the dying man they are about to go on a family vacation. But strange things begin to happen. They could be all nothing, harmless things and while the family is not really talking to each other, those things won’t get put together. But there is more about it as we learn from an unknown narrator who is stalking the family.


This all sounds good and intriguing but somehow it was longsome. Everybody is busy with their own problems and they keep lying or not telling things to each other. All those lies, all those problems, and the author putting always a new twist on top. It was a bit exhausting. This complex story needed some time to build up and I thought after reading 50% about dropping it. I did not like any character, especially mendacious Rob. I did not feel connected to them and I really did not care about them. But then suddenly the pace speeded up.  But it also got even more unrealistic and bizarre. But somehow I kept reading because I wanted to know who it all would end. And it became more gripping.


After all the book was not really my cup of tea. It was somehow too much. Too much secrets, too much twists, too much of everything. I disliked Rob so much, he is just a macho, wants to be the great protector of the family while he is just not a nice guy and a liar. Sadly, this book was just too flamboyant for me


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