The Beauty of the End – Debbie Howells


The Beauty of the End - Debbie Howells

It took me some time to get into this book. At the beginning I was confused about what was happening. Somehow this book felt as it was a raw version of the book it should become. It was a bit vague, there were parts when I thought I skipped something but it was not there. I was confused.


Noah lives alone in his cottage in Devon. He used to be a lawyer but now he is a writer. An old friend calls him to tell that his teenage sweetheart April is a murder suspect. She also took an overdose and is in a coma. Noah is adamant that April is not able to kill someone. But there is a lot that Noah does not know and does not want to see. To Noah April was a goddess he fell in love with when he was 16. Later they became engaged but it did not work out. He still loves her and idealizes her. We see flashbacks to the time Noah and April met but it is clear that Noah is not telling and seeing everything like it was. He is an unreliable narrator. We learn that other old friend knew more about April then he did but they keep him in the dark. This is annoying and not always understandable. It is just a thing the author uses to keep us in the dark. I did not like that. It just did not felt natural.


The story itself is very complex and very sad. Unfortunately it is told impassively. There is way too much in this story. Personal drama, the crime within the hospital and Noah as an unreliable narrator. This is a lot to deal with and it did not blend all together smoothly most of the time. It is a tragic story but I took some time for me to develop some feelings for the characters. I wanted to love this book but somehow it did not work for me. I felt the tragic of April’s life at the end and I was sad. But it took me quite a while to develop these feelings.

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