No OneNeeds To Know – Kevin O’Brien


No One Needs To Know - Kevin O'Brien

In July 1970, actress Elaina Styles was slain in her rented Seattle mansion along with her husband and their son’s nanny. When the baby’s remains were found buried in a shallow grave close to a hippie commune, police moved in—only to find all its members already dead in a grisly mass suicide.

Now, decades later, a film about the murders is shooting at the mansion. On-set caterer Laurie Trotter ignores gossip that the production is cursed. But then people start dying…

As Laurie digs deep into what happened all those years ago, the truth emerges more twisted than any whispered rumor, as a legacy of brutal vengeance reaches its terrifying climax…



A special thank to NetGalley and Kensinton Books for a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.

The author puts a lot of things into this book. When you start reading it you wonder if you are reading the right book because it doesn’t fit with the blurb. It lasts a while until it gets to this.

Laurie cheated on her late husband with the wrong man. This wrong man has the wrong brother. Now they are threatening her and her baby boy. She has to leave the city and start somewhere new. But immediately she gets into new trouble with her new boss and her new job. They cater for a film crew who is shooting a movie about a murder some years ago. But Laurie’s boss Cheryl is somehow strange and seems to be involved in this murder case. It gets very complicated and confused

After all, I liked the book. It is well written and gripping. But somehow this is too much. Everything is too well explained. Too many words, every action is explained too well. No movement is left untold in this book. And there are too many twists, too many accidents, too many unlikely things in here. So this book leaves me undetermined. I found it highly entertaining, it was a fast read. The story is quite complex and full of twist and implications. But after all, it was all too much for me. It is an unlikely plot, just – too much. But nevertheless, I enjoyed it. So, it is a nice and entertaining read, but you shouldn’t think too much about it. Just enjoy the ride

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